Breakfast Sammie

Breakfast Sammie 🥪 Hey guys remember those #brownbananas I had….well LOOK at what they became 🤩 .
Yep drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁because this #saturdaymorning my #breakfast was this FROZEN @coyo_uk coconut yoghurt stuffed sesame, banana & walnut sandwich & MY GOD it was good 🤤.
I’ll just leave that to sit there for a sec so you can take it all in 🤪.
Now I’m terms of ingredients there’s NO sugar in here ✨ I’ve gone for jumbo oats for lovely slow release carbohydrate & fibre 🌾 Walnuts bring unsaturated fats & plant based omega 3 🌿 Tahini layers in #dairyfree calcium & MORE of those fats 💛 Oh & the silkily smooth #coconutyoghurt filling then ties it all together, tastes DREAMY & of course helps to further sustain you through til lunchtime 💃🏻.
And that’s pretty much it, oh except for the #recipe of course which is below for you 🤗.
HAPPY SATURDAY FRIENDS 😘 #plieblingnutrition .
1 large ripe banana.
1c walnuts.
2tbsp sesame seeds.
2c jumbo #oats .
3tbsp coconut oil.
1tbsp tahini.
1tsp cinnamon.
1tbsp raw cacao powder.
Pinch salt.
Coconut yogurt.
Preheat your oven to 175C, line a tray.
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, add the coconut oil to a small pan & melt.
Once liquid mash with the banana & stir through the tahini until smooth, pour into the dry ingredients & fold together.
Spread on your tray & bake for 22-25 mins keeping an eye on it towards the end. Leave to cool for 30 mins.
Break into large pieces & lay 1/2 in the base of a lined dish, it doesn’t need to be a perfect fit. Spoon over the yoghurt & gently smooth then cover with the remaining pieces.
Freeze for 2 hours then cut into portions. Use within 2 months.
#breakfastsandwich #sandwich #brunchgoals

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