Globes Of Goodness

Globes Of Goodness 🌍 How much do my little #rawchocolate #truffles look like mini Earths 😍 Well I can see continents in the @adunaworld super #cacao powder, that’s all I’m saying 🤷🏻‍♀️.
And the world’s apart situation doesn’t stop there because these babies are up there with 1 of my MOST creative #recipes to date 🤭 (if you saw my stories yesterday you’ll know the secret ingredients) but for those who didn’t keep reading for the big reveal 🤗.
🥑AVOCADO – yep I’ve turned to @holymolydips smashed avo as my silky base. It’s rich in fabulously health supportive fats, fibre & antioxidants like glutathione. It also adds a layer to the texture that is just DREAMY✨.
🍫CACAO/CHOCOLATE – it’s a double whammy here, I’ve got BOTH @adunaworld #cacaopowder & @seedandbeanchocolates extra fine #darkchocolate 🙌🏻 Basically intense choccy flavour, more than a few nutritional benefits (enhanced by the fat content of the avocado) like mood optimisation, cardiovascular protection & neurological support👌🏻.
💫BAOBAB – the stunning @afyauk product I’ve been shouting about adds a special citrus note to the taste & boasts loads of vitamin C & potassium to name but 2 of its myriad sparkles.
🦴COLLAGEN – my everyday love @planetpaleo marine collagen also features with all the elastic tissue & bone boosting goods.
AND THAT’S IT (as if that weren’t enough 😂).
Now who thought they were going to be the components that created my perfect little spheres of loveliness when they started reading…..😜.
HAPPY THURSDAY 😘 #plieblingnutrition .
1/2 pack @holymolydips smashed avo.
1 bar @seedandbeanchocolates extra dark.
1 tbsp @planetpaleo marine collagen.
1 tbsp @adunaworld cacao + extra to roll.
1 heaped tsp @afyauk baobab.
Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Leave to cool for 5 mins then add all your other ingredients & mix until smooth. Refrigerate for 30 mins.
Roll into balls, roll in a dusting of cacao powder & keep in the fridge for a softer set or the freezer for a firmer texture. .
#allthechocolate #flatlayfood #nutritiousanddelicious

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