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Simple Suppers 🌿 If I were to pick 1 thing that people ask me about cooking the most it would be fish 🐟 It can seem daunting, there’s a fear of under doing it & poisoning yourself 🤢 Over doing it & being faced with a tasteless cardboard #dinner 🥴 AND that your entire being will FOREVER smell like a seaside town’s dustbin…..yep it’s a pretty standard #food FAQ 👌🏻.
So of course my #recipe for today is totally geared towards showing that this fear is unfounded 😍 That we can all delight in our delicate, flaky filleted friends AND when compared to other protein options that fish is actually an incredibly speedy & easy option to turn to 🙌🏻.
Full details below for your friends ✨.
HAPPY FRIDAY 😘 #plieblingnutrition .
2 haddock fillets (or another white fish such as cod, pollock, monkfish).
120g @organicorealfoods #glutenfree gnocchetti or your #pasta of choice.
1 cup peas.
1 courgette.
4 tbsp crushed tomatoes or an #organic #sugarfree pasta sauce.
Fresh parsley, juice of a lemon & black pepper to serve.
Preheat your oven to 190C, place the fish fillets in an oven proof dish, top with the tomatoes/sauce & leave to 1 side.
Get your pasta water on to boil, the fish will take 15 minutes to cook so pop it in at an appropriate time so that your pasta will be done at the same time.
Add the peas to the pasta pan 1 minute before it’s done.
Whilst everything is cooking slice the courgette & chop the parsley.
Drain the pasta & peas, add back to the pan, toss through the courgette & add the lemon juice.
Spoon onto plates, add a piece of fish to each & top with the parsley & plenty of pepper.
#beautifulfood #fishyfriday #easyhealthymeals

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