Sweet Sundays

Sweet Sundays πŸ₯ž When I have time at the #weekend I love nothing more than having a little play in my kitchen & coming up with a freaking DEEEELICIOUS #recipe or 2 πŸ™ŒπŸ» (big clue πŸ‘‰πŸ» these MIGHT just be the result of such antics 😁).
Now I get that #savourypancakes have been done before 😴 & a #fritter is not something revolutionary BUT these are MY version & that makes them SUPER special ✨ They’ve got…..
🍠 #nutrientdense #sweetpotatoes (I’ve used the @fullgreen.official #sweetpotato rice – a new product & 1 that offers a crazy convenient #healthy option if you’re time poor).
πŸ₯š #organic eggs.
πŸ… layers of Mediterranean flavour from @organicorealfoods sundried tomatoes, olives & parsley. πŸ’« the dreamiest topping of @nushfoods cashew yoghurt + textural flaked almonds, reserved olives, parsley & chipotle flakes.
Oh & I’ve worked out how to get the same texture (soft & fluffy inside, light chewy crisp on the outside) WITHOUT frying themπŸ€—.
Full deets below friends πŸ‘πŸ».
HAPPY SUNDAY😘 #plieblingnutrition .
1 pack @fullgreen.official sweet potato rice .
1 large organic egg.
1 large handful parsley.
3-4 each sundried tomatoes & queen olives.
2 tbsp tapioca flour.
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda.
Pinch of salt, plenty of black pepper.
1 tbsp flaked almonds & @nushfoods yoghurt or your choice to top.
Roughly chop the tomatoes, olives & parsley, add most to a bowl with the SP rice (keep some olives & parsley for serving). Mix well & season.
Crack in the egg, mix again, then add the tapioca flour & bicarb, fold in well.
Heat a good quality pan (I use @theoriginalgreenpan ) on medium high until you can feel the heat rising off it if you place your hand a couple of cm from its base.
Spoon in 2 tbsp sized portions of batter then turn the heat down to low. Leave to cook gently for 2 mins until you can easily flip them (it’s that immediate hitting the heat that creates the crust so you don’t need oil).
Repeat with the rest of the mix then serve with abundant spoons of the #yoghurt & your textural #toppings .
Dive on in!.
#brunchgoals #sweetwithfullgreen #breakfastofchampions

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